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Learn to put together stylish, adaptable, and practical garments for travel. Creating a travel wardrobe gives you control over fabric, comfort, style, and packability. No matter what your sewing skill level is, world traveler and sewing professional Sandra Miller can show you how to put together a capsule collection.

Your new wardrobe will look fabulous and work for your next trip, whether it’s a tour of Italy, a formal wedding, a corporate retreat, or a family reunion.

How to Sew a Travel Wardrobe will teach the skills to: 
  • Create a color palette that suits your style
  • Choose fabric for a variety of activities
  • Select patterns that coordinate
Experience less stress and make more memories during your travels: 
  • Be prepared for every activity
  • Carry a minimum of items
  • Save effort and money with travel clothes that work for you
Planning a self-sewn wardrobe is fun and easy. Soon you will know how to:
  • Edit a wardrobe for easy traveling 
  • Apply this approach to projects at your skill level 
  • Sew a collection that sets you apart from the tourist crowd 

Meet the Instructor

Sandra Miller is a well-traveled and popular sewing instructor. Formerly the pattern tester and instructions writer for Cutting Line Designs, Sandra has been a frequent Threads author and on-screen video talent for instructional sewing videos. She lives in Florida and is a world traveler. “Since filming this video,” Sandra says, “I have tested its principles. I traveled to Europe three times, spending two weeks on each trip, taking only a carry-on bag each time. I had everything I needed.”
Sandra knows what a relief it is to be well-prepared with a carry-on bag. She never worries about a lost bag or how to move a heavy suitcase. “The simplicity is such a relief and allows me to give my attention to my surroundings, whether in a castle, a museum, the Alhambra, or walking through a narrow ancient street in Seville,” she says.

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