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Learn the secrets of tailoring a jacket from Kenneth D. King >

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A jacket from start to finish

  • Begin with the right lining, tools, and fabric materials
  • See why initial patternwork is important to the final fit
  • Master details you'll never find on a ready-to-wear garment

Tailoring two ways: old vs. new

  • Get to know traditional tailoring techniques
  • See why newer techniques are more efficient
  • Choose methods for your projects

Tips from an industry insider

  • Learn how to reinforce fabrics and seams
  • See why basting is so important
  • Make a "framed" canvas for a jacket front

Techniques that make a difference

  • See how a pro forms properly shaped collars and lapels
  • Know when to add pleats for wearing ease
  • Learn two ways to construct an impeccable sleeve head

Fine detailing improves results

  • Discover the best way to position shoulder pads
  • Fine out how hand stitching improves a tailored jacket
  • Follow clipping and grading tips that make pressing easier and more effective

Meet the instructor

Kenneth D. King is a contributing editor at Threads Magazine, a couture fashion designer, author, and popular adjunct instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. He specializes in custom eveningwear, and his designs appear in the permanent collections at several museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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