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Learn the logic behind garment construction, plus sewing skills to approach new projects confidently. Professor King teaches the order of construction, an approach that informs and simplifies sewing all types of garments.

This course is on-demand. You will have access to the content as soon as you sign up. There is not a course schedule to adhere to or a specific time you need to set aside for learning.

You’ll discover how the components of these tops are related:
  • A blouse

  • A tailored shirt

  • An unlined jacket

  • A lined jacket

You’ll also be privy to a number of sewing tips:
  • The “burrito” technique to finish a shirt yoke

  • The best way to install zippers

  • How to perfect your topstitching

  • Where to “stitch in the ditch”

In the bottoms section of the class, you’ll learn about sewing these styles and more:
  • A contour waistband skirt

  • A gored skirt

  • Jeans

  • A tailored menswear pant

Meet the Instructor

Kenneth D. King is a contributing editor at Threads magazine, a couture fashion designer, author, and popular adjunct instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. He specializes in custom eveningwear, and his designs appear in the permanent collections at several museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.