Sewing for the Plus-size Petite

With Kathleen Cheetham

This course offers the essential techniques to alter, adjust, and transform plus size petite clothing for better fit, style, and comfort.

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Kathleen Cheetham’s clear instructions and guidance teaches essential techniques to:

▪ Achieve a leaner appearance

▪ Make fitting adjustments to accommodate a full bust and tummy

▪ Alter ready-to-wear tops to fit and flatter the plus size petite figure

In this comprehensive class, Cheetham skillfully walks you through every step of sewing and modifying tops.

▪ Utilize body scale techniques

▪ Understand the balance point principle

▪ Length with detail and color

▪ Alter your patterns

▪ Adjust for sloping or narrow shoulders

The Class Materials include helpful articles from Threads Magazine as well as resource and pattern guides.


Chapter 1

Learn style and design elements that lead to a longer, leaner appearance:

  • Consider pattern and garment styles that highlight, camouflage and flatter
  • Utilize color and garment details to create a leaner look
  • Use the balance principle to determine a garments most flattering length


Chapter 2

Determine your optimum pattern size:

  • Learn to measure yourself
  • Understand and learn to work with multi-size patterns
  • Master pattern neckline adjustments

Chapter 3

Discover how to make pattern adjustments for a more flattering look:

  • Learn to adjust a pattern torso length for a leaner look
  • Emphasize fit by altering sleeves and shoulders
  • Optimize fit with adjustments for fullness at the back or upper neck

Chapter 4

Master adjustments to improve the bust fit:

  • Find and adjust the bust point and the bust dart
  • Alter a pattern to successfully ft a large bust
  • Learn how to disperse a large bust dart

Chapter 5

Fitting the tummy:

  • Alter a pattern to create a flattering fit for a full tummy or midriff
  • Design alterations to soften the garment for a fuller fit

Chapter 6

Learn to alter ready-to-wear

  • Alter armholes and eliminate unflattering puddles on a ready-to-wear garment
  • Discover how to adjust a neckline on a ready-to-wear garment

Meet the Instructor

Kathleen Cheetham teaches workshops and sells her pattern line at sewing and trade shows throughout the U.S. and Canada. She also runs a custom tailoring shop for women and teaches classes on fitting and design. Her articles have regularly appeared in Threads magazine and her line of patterns has been featured in Sew News, Threads, Australian Stitches, and Sewing World U.K. Kathleen is an author of Perfect-Plus: Sew a Mix-and-Match Wardrobe for Plus and Petite-Plus Sizes.

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