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In this on-demand* class, take the mystery out of using a serger with guidance from popular instructor Pamela Leggett. Learn how to thread your serger, select the correct stitches, adjust the tension, and other valuable skills. Sewing expert and serger educator Pamela Leggett explains how to take advantage of the serger’s speed, multitasking capabilities, and versatility.

*This course is on-demand. You will have access to the content as soon as you sign up. There is not a course schedule to adhere to or a specific time you need to set aside for learning. From the date of sign-up, you will have a full 12 months to view the content.

Learn how to:

  • Get confident with serger threading

  • Make accurate tension adjustments

  • Sew basic stitches

  • Finish the beginning and end of seams

Discover the techniques any serger can do:

  • Sew rolled hems

  • Create decorative embellishments

  • Stitch lettuce-leaf edges

  • How to use differential feed

Great advice about:

  • Thread and needle choices

  • A fantastic secret for faster threading

  • How to use differential feed

  • Where to apply the cover stitch

  • Maintenance tips

Meet the Instructor

Pamela Leggett is a nationally recognized sewing/serging instructor, teaching in-person and virtual classes. Since she began teaching in 1981, she developed a fun and informative teaching style and founded Pamela's Patterns, designs with many built-in fitting solutions. In addition, Pamela is a contributing writer, book author, video personality for Threads, a Craftsy instructor, and director of the Palmer/Pletsch Philadelphia and Connecticut sewing workshops. Pamela lives in Connecticut, where she operates her business and has a teaching program at The Studio at Pamela's Patterns in Vernon.

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