Learn proven strategies for building a custom wardrobe

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In this course, a respected sewing instructor demonstrates demonstrates her savvy approach to creating a wardrobe with an emphasis on personal style and wearing options.

Mary Ray demonstrates how to plan a self-sewn wardrobe around fit, color, fabric, and function. She shares how favorite patterns can be the basis for sewing key pieces that work together. You’ll never again say, "I have nothing to wear," because after completing this course you'll possess the tools to sew an amazing wardrobe that suits your lifestyle.

Define what you need for a personalized, stylish, and functional wardrobe:  
  • Consider influences such as lifestyle and body type  
  • Test colors to find the best palette for you
  • Learn to tweak patterns and to mix what you sew with what you buy 
This course will help you sew clothes you’ll love to wear: 
  • Select and combine fabrics and prints with confidence and flair
  • Determine your key pieces for a versatile wardrobe 
  • Emphasize and express your personal style 
End the frustration of sewing garments that aren’t quite right:
  • Enjoy a practical and creative approach to making a fresh wardrobe
  • Discover essential sewing and fitting tips 
  • Maximize your outfit options

Meet the Instructor

 Mary Ray is a former Threads magazine contributing editor, nationally recognized fashion instructor, and award-winning designer. Now retired from an instructor position at Appalachian State University, Mary lives in North Carolina. Throughout her career, she developed a deep interest in sustainability and feels that taking the time to design and create a personal wardrobe is a sustainable act. “When you get it right, and you love your clothes, you will happily wear them, repair them, and maybe at some point restyle them,” Mary says. 

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